Pre-paid Membership Option

Pre-paid membership secures each artist  6 shows per year. The benefit is that you’ll know when and where you’ll be exhibiting so that you can market your show months in advance.

Basic Membership is $120.00 a year which entitles you to six shows a year on a 10 X  8 ft wall space.

Membership Plus gives you 20 X 8 ft of wall space, and six guaranteed *shows a year for $240.00.


Pay-as-you-Go Membership Option

If space is available artists may use a 10 X 8 ft wall section for $25.00 or may show one piece for $10.00.


*Shows are hosted on Fridays and Saturdays.


Note: Membership donations plus 10% of sells (after recouping membership fee) go towards facility usage.


Post-paid Membership Option

No up front fees.


Members contribute financially only if they sell art. If they are present and sell something as the result of the show they contribute 25% of the sell price. If they are not present and we secure the sell for them, they contribute 40%.


No Member Left Behind

Low income artists will not be rejected if they don’t contribute, instead the donations of those who have a more stable income will cover for them.  We expect everyone to be community minded and to share what they’re able!


All Members

Contribute out of pocket for reception costs: These include appetizers, drinks and entertainment. Marketing is the responsibility of each artist.


Membership is open to student, advanced and career artists but group consensus reserves the right to judge and exclude any art they deem below their standards. 

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Membership Visual Artists

Contact Bill to further Discuss Membership  Phone: 559 304-9404





Disclaimer: Love Song Artists and their activities do not constitute a business but a community for supporting artistic expression, as such it falls under the umbrella of Love Song Community Outreach a non-profit Christian organization. Artist donations are tax deductible!



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