Community Principles


This community is a work in progress, it’s growth depends upon the vibrancy and vision of those involved.  It also depends upon gathering artists committed  to excellence  so that continuity and community happen.


To thrive in this community you must be mature enough to live and let live. You must also be committed to protecting community integrity by speaking well of one another and keeping confidences.  We want our gallery to be recognized by the good spirit that dwells there as well as the art that is displayed on its walls.


As a community dedicated to the arts, creativity and productivity are highly valued. Members therefore must have a growing body of work so that their displayed art changes.


In addition to the above, members should have a good sense of humor, a pinch of humility and the desire to have a good time!


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Performing Artists

Contact Bill to further Discuss Membership  Phone: 559 304-9404





Performing artists of all kinds are encouraged to join our community and showcase their talents at our venue. Performances can take place during our scheduled Art shows or be arranged on other dates.


The space is ideal for audiences of 40 to 100 people.  Various seating arrangements are possible and limited off street parking is available.


Performing artists partner with us in promoting the Arts and impacting the  community in a positive manner.


Performing artists may generate funds via recommended donations at the door or tip jars. These funds support the outreach efforts of the community as well as reimburse performers for traveling expenses.